I Daniel scoot had a conversation on face book and my computer copy and pasted my private conversation abot my opinions on how there employees are trated i have no complaints to give this company my had the page because his head was hacked apart please do not act on prior complaint because i dont want to see my wife fired daniel scott 613 466 0412 it just happened agian my computer just made another complaint to i dan scott am sorry for any inconvienence 613 466 0412 contact me again this is my personal opinion and it is not my isse to coplain about

Monetary Loss: $13.

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Wow! That's messed up dude!!


Reading the posting above gave me acid flashbacks...WTF?!


I HATE when my head gets hacked apart! But seriously, your computer can't cut and paste on its own. But likely no one could understand what you where saying so your wife probably won't be fired.

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